2 DAYS IN DISNEYLAND PARIS: Can You Cover Everything?

In March 2017, for my 18th birthday, I went to Disneyland Paris for 2 days and one night. Ultimately, it was one of the best trips I have ever been on – with my last visit to Disney being back when I was a baby.

However, before we went, we were aware of the fact that 2 days is a very short amount of time to cover everything that Disneyland has to offer. With 2 parks, 5 lands, the Disney Village, gift shops, and of course the hotel, we became determined to make the most of the time we had and see everything.

By the time we got onto the Eurostar on our way back to London, we were completely exhausted. However, we were also completely over the moon, as we had successfully covered everything we wanted to see and been on all of the rides we wanted to go on. The main way which we managed to do this was by creating an itinerary a couple of weeks before our trip, where we wrote down all of the main attractions we wanted to see in each park. The best way to do this is by looking up what each ride consists of before you go – YouTube videos and vlogs are a great way to find the best looking ones! This made it easy for us when walking around the park, as we didn’t waste anytime deciding which rides to queue for and which rides to skip.

However, if I can give anyone going to Disneyland Paris one piece of advice, it would be to make sure – that whatever you do – you make sure to see the Disney Illuminations. The show/display lasts approx. 20mins, and is worth every single second of your time. Out of my whole trip, I honestly think that the illuminations were my highlight. No matter how many clips you may see online before your trip, not one of them will do it justice in real life. I was completely amazed – and am already looking forward to my next trip back just to witness it again. So if you’re making a list of things to cover, the illuminations have to be at the top!

Of course, when visiting Disneyland, gift shops and souvenirs are a must. However, they can get extremely busy and hold you up during the day – therefore making you miss out on valuable time which could be spent exploring the attractions. If you want to make sure you cover as much as possible, I would recommend starting early on the rides and then going back on yourself when you’re finished to rummage round the shops. They’re all open till late, and most of the shops have roughly the same merchandise – so you don’t have to spend time in every single one if you’re in a rush!

Fast passes are another thing which can help you to avoid long queues during the day, as well as the Disneyland App which gives you frequently updated queueing times for each ride. I would advise you to make the most of these, and definitely download the App as it’s extremely handy when finding your way around the park (trust me – it’s easy to get lost!) Not only this, it also shows you the different places to eat around the park and in the Village – which is ideal if (like me) food is a #1 priority.

If you want to meet the characters, you can also bear in mind that throughout the day various characters will be dotted around the parks. Instead of queuing for ages, make your way around the parks and keep your eyes peeled for any walking around – you’re bound to see some! This is the quickest way to meet them, as they’ll always stop for a quick photo – and as they’re always moving around – queues are easily avoided.

Summing up my Disneyland experience in one word, it would well and truly have to be “Magical”. It doesn’t matter how long your stay is, you’re still guaranteed to have an incredible time. So, if you’re determined to cover everything – keep organised! It is possible, and any time spent planning things out beforehand is 100% worth it.

Lucy x

*All photos shot by me.

Instagram 💌: lucycharlottepearson

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