2018 | My (Late) Goals

It’s currently the 7th March 2018, and yet here I am sat writing a post on my 2018 goals. These are the types of blog posts you’d expect to see on 1st January, for the typical ‘New Year New Me’ malarkey… but better late than never, right? Either way, there’s a few things I want to really focus on (and continue to focus on!) in 2018;

  1. Confidence

This one’s quite self explanatory. I’ve always struggled with confidence, and find myself always comparing myself to others, then putting myself down as a result. Since starting University in September, however, I feel as though I’ve gained a lot more confidence – and I want to continue this over the rest of 2018. I’m learning to think less about what people think of me and just focus on being myself.

    2. Worry Less

Admittedly, this one’s hard. Ever since I was young I’ve always been one to worry – a lot. I’m trying really hard to change this and relax a bit more though (trying is the key word here) and remember that everything happens for a reason.


I really want to focus on being more positive. On the outside, I probably look like a really positive person – (which I am, sometimes) – as I’m always smiling and laughing. However, I know that sometimes I can be my own worst enemy, always dwelling on the worst case scenario in stressful situations; which causes myself more stress. I want to try as hard as possible to change this, and be more positive.

   4. More Blog Love

2018 is the year that I picked this blog back up, and started afresh. This time, I want to stick to it, and build it into the type of blog I’ve always wanted but always gave up on. I want to make sure I share as much as possible on here; uploading regularly and posting more content. At the end of the day, this is my blog with my thoughts, and I can make it whatever I want, without any pressure from anyone else. That’s a good feeling.

   5. Drink More Water

This is probably the most clichéd goal I’ll add, but it’s something I really want to make sure I do. I know I don’t drink enough water, or eat enough healthy foods, and I know this isn’t something I can change overnight – but step by step I can slowly change my diet to be more healthier; which future me will thank me for now! Also, linking in with this, I really want to find a good skin routine and make sure I religiously do it every morning/evening to keep my skin as healthy as possible. I’ve always struggled with this, because my skin is so sensitive, and finding a moisturiser/facial scrub which doesn’t irritate my skin is bloody hard. However, I think that’s down to me being lazy and not wanting to shop around (or spend money on the expensive stuff!).

    6. Do More

Being a University student, it means I’ll have the whole summer off. I know I’ll be getting a few extra shifts in at work (retail) to keep me busy, however I also know I’ll have a lot of spare time to myself. I’m only 18 years old, and University is only 3 years of my life – then I’ll (probably) be thrown into full time work – without every summer off. This is a scary thought, but it also makes me determined to make the most of the time I have now. I want to make memories while I can, and seeing as summer is my favourite time of the year, be outside as much as possible.

I’m also planning on travelling to as many places as possible over the course of this year, whether that be overseas or across the UK, which I’m already excited to share on here.

“At the end of the day, all that matters is love and memories, so make sure you’re making them.”

10 thoughts on “2018 | My (Late) Goals

  1. Such beautiful goals you’ve set for yourself. Never forget to love yourself deeply and be confident doing so, for no one is you and no one can offer the world what you can.❤️ #selflovesoldier

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  2. Great post! I truly believe that it’s never too late to set goals for the year ahead or for your life as a whole. What matters is that you do set them! I’m thinking of finally making a mood board, as I think it may help me to push myself, because sometimes I feel like I don’t wanna do anything and just want to hide in my shell.


  3. Love this! 👏🏽 For skincare, have you ever tried Mario Badescu? Some good stuff for sensitive skin & really affordable. You can buy it on Beauty Bay! x

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