Winter Wardrobe: OOTD

I’ve become a little bit obsessed with stripes.

There was a time when I’d never be seen in anything other than skinny jeans. My wardrobe consisted of piles and piles of them, mostly black and always high waisted.

However, after recently discovering websites such as WearAll, I’ve decided to be a bit more daring and swap my skinnies for stripes.

These striped trousers from WearAll have slowly but surely become my favourite pair of trousers I own; comfy yet stylish, and definitely out of my comfort zone, I love them.

Pairing them with a simple white t-shirt to keep the look casual, I’m completely obsessed.

I can almost guarantee you that every shop you enter will have racks and racks of trousers; whether they be striped, checked, flared, or even just simply detailed, they’re still the in thing this season. I never used to wear trousers, mainly because I was so used to always wearing skinny jeans that the feeling of wearing something even remotely baggy kind of freaked me out. But Instagram soon changed my mind on this, as over the past few months my feed has slowly but surely become swamped with more and more pictures of people’s outfits consisting of the best co-ord combos.

Not only ideal for the daytime, they’re also the perfect companion for a pair of heels and a dressy top on evenings out – whether that be clubs or simply dinner and drinks, they can be worn anytime, anywhere. Plus, with the Spring/Summer seasons approaching, it’s safe to say these trousers will probably become my new best friend.

Trousers: WearAll – £23.00

Top: BooHoo – £8.00

Coat: New Look – £45.99

10 thoughts on “Winter Wardrobe: OOTD

  1. I’m still stuck in my skinny jeans phase, hopefully I can come out of that an experiment with some stripe trousers.
    To be fair, the skinny jeans I wear are from Next and they are just the bomb!!

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