Where is the sun?

With winter doing unnecessary overtime, it feels as though the only glimpse of summer I’ll be getting is through last years memories.

Instead of sticking to the dull clothes I usually pile on during winter, I decided to add a bit of colour to things with this bright combo.

Jumper: Daisy Street (Asos) – £21.99

Trousers: WearAll – £23.00

The trousers make such a change from my typical skinny jeans, and are probably the comfiest pair I own! After recently discovering WearAll, I am definitely excited to keep up to date with their upcoming Spring/Summer collections.

Switching things up, however, I’ve recently become a little bit obsessed with belts.

On days where I do want a more casual look, black skinny jeans are my go to. Pairing them up with a bright, baggy jumper to add a dash of colour has become a recent habit of mine – as well as a cute belt to add a little something extra.

Belt: Pretty Little Thing – £6.00

💌 Instagram: lucycharlottepearson

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