Firstly, thank you for making your way over to my site and deciding to check it out. I have been meaning to make a blog for a long, long time – however for some reason I never really got round to it. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely made a few *failed* attempts, including trying to design, plan, start, and write my first ever blog in 5 minutes a few years ago. Understandably, that did not work. I abandoned it for months, maybe even years, and when I finally got round to logging in again, I realised just how embarrassing and messy it was.

So here I am. I’ve made about ten attempts at this already; trying to think of what to possibly include in my first ever post. But the truth is, I’m still not 100% sure exactly what I want this blog to be. Since starting University in September 2017 – where I study Journalism and Media – I’ve looked at a number of blog posts and portfolios of people writing about what they love. For me, this is a number of things, but fashion and clothes are definitely one of them – no matter how basic and boring my wardrobe can sometimes be.

For now, I’ll use this blog to build up my own portfolio, but also to share some of my favourite outfits and purchases – which I hope you’ll like too!

Lucy x

10 thoughts on “AN INTRODUCTION

  1. I am with you on not knowing what to put in when you first start a blog. When I look back at my posts from some 3 years ago, they were a little wooden. The secret is to just be you and it will all work out. Oh, I still go back in my draft posts and tweak and change. There are always improvements to be made.

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